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Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
Directional power meters are used to measure power and reflection under operational conditions. They are connected between source and load and measure the power flow in both directions. The power applied to the load and the reflection can thus be measured. Typical applications are in installation, maintenance and monitoring of amplifiers, transmitters, antennas and RF/microwave generators in industrial and medical fields.
Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
To support a wide range of test requirements, the GSS6300 can be remotely controlled via standard interfaces such as IEEE-488, USB or RS-232. In addition, Spirent SimCHAN software can be used to implement real-time user control of the GSS6300, making it an accurate laboratory GPS / SBAS, GLONASS and / or Galileo test equipment.
Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
Customers looking for a general purpose spectrum analyzer will appreciate the flexibility of the ESA spectrum analyzer that can be used for a wide range of applications from aerospace and defense to the manufacturing line. Browse the ESA Brochure.Customers who wish to take advantage of the ESA flexibility but who need a faster analyzer for the manufacturing line, or connectivity to LAN/USB in addition to GPIB, or want to do in depth signal analysis with 89600 VSA software will benefit from the new EXA signal analyzer. The EXA signal analyzer now comes standard with many of the ESAs optional features and yet offers more applications than the ESA. Migrate from ESA to EXA.
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When the driver is approaching, do you tell me this?

Date: 2019-05-08
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When the driver is approaching, do you tell me this?

In 2019, as the recognized first year of 5G, it brought us a lot of things worth looking forward to. For one of the fields, 5G communication technology is like the five original stones on the tyrant gloves, giving it unlimited possibilities. And energy.

However, today we will not talk about 5G first. Because in the next five to ten years of 5G empowerment, we will see the dramatic changes in the future of cars and transportation, and in the face of some novelty that may subvert our cognition, many people are clearly not ready.

Yes, I have felt the feeling that the adrenaline sharply rises when I lose the Tesla steering wheel on my hand and liberate my feet at a speed of 120km/h at high speed. For those who like the author, I don’t care. Holding the steering wheel in your hand is absolutely guilty.

Does driverless really make you 'lost' the steering wheel?

In fact, for many people, driving is sometimes painful, but most of the time they enjoy the fun of driving. So a self-driving car that takes you to your destination is now completely a soulless vehicle.


But what you need to know is that at least for the realization of the L4/L5 level of autonomous driving, it is still too far away. Therefore, automatic driving does not “confiscate” your steering wheel. Instead, you can hand over the complicated and heavy traffic jam environment or the boring high-speed driving to the smart AI, and you can still feel the driving pleasure at any time.

Is it impossible to be absolutely safe to drive unmanned?

In the past year or two, some auto-driving vehicles have been killed, causing widespread concern. Almost all of them point to automatic driving that is not mature enough. However, it is important to know that human factors account for a very high proportion of traffic accidents. The self-driving technology with uniform standards, combined with the road-to-vehicle coordination technology between roads and vehicles, to pre-judg the danger, avoid in advance, and solve the problem of artificial fatigue driving, driving skills, etc., obviously can greatly reduce the cause Driving traffic accidents vary from person to person. In this way, even if it is not 100% safe autopilot, it is more reliable than humans.

Is the future driverless car just the difference between no driver?

From the current auto-driving cars developed by technology companies and car companies, they have no obvious features. However, in the future, autonomous vehicles will not change the functions and designs around the driver, and will change greatly with the current car form. Especially for those cars that can travel in a fixed route area, it is likely to become a mobile space. This space can even be set as a sleeping environment, mobile office, living room and entertainment space mode, and the future car may be an extension of the space and dimensions of our lives.

Is driverless technology the whole of the future car?

Just like the 5G communication technology mentioned in the opening section, it is very difficult to navigate the entire transportation system by relying solely on 'cycling combat' in the future to achieve automatic driving. Especially for Chinese cities with all kinds of complicated and complicated road conditions, it is the future direction for cars to communicate through the medium of 5G and the road. Therefore, for China, the development of V2X technology based on 5G is far more urgent than that of the United States on the other side of the ocean. It may be able to cope with the road conditions on the American road through the car's own AI and various sensors. In China, it is necessary to mobilize cars and roads. A variety of smart equipment facilities, so the smart car + smart road is the premise of the real unmanned realization in the future.

Will driverlessness subvert our lives?

Just like the mobile phone that can almost control our lives now, if a person directly traverses from the age of the car and the slow letter, then this small device will definitely subvert his world view. But the fact is, today, we have experienced writing, public telephones, landlines, BB machines, PHS, keyboard machines, touch screen machines until the various stages of the smart machine.

The same is true for automatic driving. You will not be able to get on a car without a steering wheel to your destination when you leave tomorrow. Self-driving cars will first appear on certain sections or areas, perhaps closed parks, university campuses, or fixed short-haul buses. This kind of unmanned car will gradually 'sneak into' our life, and it will bring us a small surprise at each stage. As we slowly get used to it, we will find out that the unmanned driving has been fully integrated. life.

OFweek Summary:

When will drones come? In fact, there is no need to entangle a point in time, but what we need to know is that driverlessness must be the future of the car, and we can certainly accept and enjoy it.

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