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Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
Key Features and Functions5 kHz to 44 GHz frequency rangeExpand capabilities with optional tracking generator, interference analyzer, built-in power meter, and moreMake accurate spectrum analyzer measurements (± 0.5 dB) without needing warm-upLocate interfering signals using the intuitive spectrogram display and recording capabilityEasily measure average and pulse power with a USB power sensor, pulse measurements with time gatingLightest microwave handheld spectrum analyzer at only 7.1 lb. (3.2 kg)
Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
Key Features and FunctionsReach for unrivaled excellence in your measurements and designsSimplify your test stations by replacing racks and stacks of equipmentIncrease productivity with the most integrated and flexible single-connection microwave test engineReduce test time with the world´s widest range of single-connection measurement applicationsTest linear and nonlinear device characterization more accurately with the world’s best PNA-X
Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
Spectrum and Interference Analyzer Highlights• Measure: Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power, ACPR, C/I• Interference Analyzer: Spectrogram, Signal Strength, RSSI• Dynamic Range: 104 dB in 1 Hz RBW• DANL: –160 dBm in 1 Hz RBW• Phase Noise: –100 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset at 1 GHz• Frequency Accuracy: ± 25 ppb with GPS On• 1 Hz to 10 MHz Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)• Traces: Normal, Max Hold, Min Hold, Average, # of Averages• Detectors: Peak, Negative, Sample, Quasi-peak, and true RMS• Markers: 6, each with a Delta Marker, or 1 Reference with 6 Deltas• Limit Lines: up to 40 segments with one-button envelope creation• Trace Save-on-Event: crossing limit line or sweep complete
Tel: 13421364554
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·Core Tips·■ China has many world-leading scientific and technological achievements in the fields of drones, Internet, cloud computing, biomedicine, and sharing economy.■ Artificial intelligence is expected to boost the annual growth rate of China's economy by 2035, and promote China's labor productivity by 27%.■ China must find a way out in innovation, persist in innovation drive, and be brave in change, in order to break through the bottleneck of development and become the leader of the new industrial revolution.Recently, high-tech products such as drones, smart driving cars, intelligent robots, and VR (virtual reality) devices have emerged, and the artificial intelligence landscape has slowly begun. The arrival of the fourth industrial revolution is making people's...
Published: 2017 - 07 - 21
In recent years, industrial automatic control systems and devices in China's instrumentation products have developed rapidly under the dual benefits of national policy support and increased market demand, and exports have soared. The industrial control system has become a fast-growing product in the twelve categories of instrumentation. At the same time, only one of the twelve types of products has experienced a year-on-year decline. Many phenomena have shown the export situation of the scenery, but behind it, there are unprecedented challenges.With the introduction of Industry 4.0, the de...
Published: 2016 - 05 - 27
The environmental protection industry is driven by policies, regulations and supervision. In the context of increased environmental demands, especially in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the domestic environmental protection market has shown an unprecedented high-speed development trend. As the focus of the environmental protection industry, the environmental monitoring industry is developing rapidly. Environmental monitoring refers to the monitoring of various indicators to understand the current level of environmental quality and the degree of environmental pollution. The purpose is to gra...
Published: 2016 - 04 - 28
Diànzǐ guāngxué pǐnpái PIXELTEQ tuīchū yòng yú duō guāngpǔ chéngxiàng de suōwéi chéngxiàng lǜ guāngPIMELTEQ (, a UK-based electro-optical brand, has introduced microfilming filters with microfilming optical coatings combined with patented microlithography technology and state-of-the-art coating technology to help create simplicity and Cost-effective optical equipment for biomedical, security, aerospace, precision agriculture and machine vision.PIXELTEQ's technology enables multiple dielectric, metal and pigment pattern structur...
Published: 2016 - 02 - 18
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