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Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
Directional power meters are used to measure power and reflection under operational conditions. They are connected between source and load and measure the power flow in both directions. The power applied to the load and the reflection can thus be measured. Typical applications are in installation, maintenance and monitoring of amplifiers, transmitters, antennas and RF/microwave generators in industrial and medical fields.
Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
To support a wide range of test requirements, the GSS6300 can be remotely controlled via standard interfaces such as IEEE-488, USB or RS-232. In addition, Spirent SimCHAN software can be used to implement real-time user control of the GSS6300, making it an accurate laboratory GPS / SBAS, GLONASS and / or Galileo test equipment.
Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
Customers looking for a general purpose spectrum analyzer will appreciate the flexibility of the ESA spectrum analyzer that can be used for a wide range of applications from aerospace and defense to the manufacturing line. Browse the ESA Brochure.Customers who wish to take advantage of the ESA flexibility but who need a faster analyzer for the manufacturing line, or connectivity to LAN/USB in addition to GPIB, or want to do in depth signal analysis with 89600 VSA software will benefit from the new EXA signal analyzer. The EXA signal analyzer now comes standard with many of the ESAs optional features and yet offers more applications than the ESA. Migrate from ESA to EXA.
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The development trend of China's environmental monitoring instrumentation industry

Date: 2016-04-28
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The environmental protection industry is driven by policies, regulations and supervision. In the context of increased environmental demands, especially in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the domestic environmental protection market has shown an unprecedented high-speed development trend. As the focus of the environmental protection industry, the environmental monitoring industry is developing rapidly. Environmental monitoring refers to the monitoring of various indicators to understand the current level of environmental quality and the degree of environmental pollution. The purpose is to grasp the overall trend of the environment and the changes in various stages so that the relevant departments can carry out environmental management more smoothly. Provide a scientific basis for environmental protection and environmental pollution prevention.

Factors driving the development of China's environmental monitoring industry

At present, China's environmental monitoring industry has the characteristics of high growth, strong policy support, large market incremental space, high technical barriers and high industry concentration. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the environmental monitoring industry developed rapidly due to the increasing emphasis on environmental governance by the state.

In the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Environmental Monitoring' issued in September 2011, it was proposed to 'improve environmental monitoring laws and regulations and institutional mechanisms, strengthen basic monitoring capabilities, strengthen personnel training and team building, establish and improve environmental monitoring technology systems, and improve Environmental monitoring of public service levels.' This marks the beginning of the prelude to the construction of China's environmental monitoring system.

In February 2015, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Socialization of Environmental Monitoring Services”, proposing to fully liberalize the service monitoring market and orderly open the public welfare and supervisory monitoring areas. Subsequently, the environmental quality monitoring authority has attracted a huge market and became a recognized good news in the environmental monitoring industry. In August of the same year, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Eco-Environmental Monitoring Network Construction Plan”. The plan proposes that by 2020, China will establish a unified national real-time online environmental monitoring system to achieve full coverage of ecological environment quality, major pollution sources, and ecological status monitoring and control.

At the end of 2015, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued the “Implementation Opinions on Supporting the Reform of Environmental Monitoring System”, which clarified the overall requirements, work objectives and basic principles of the financial support monitoring system reform, and supported the establishment of national atmosphere, water, soil and other environments. The quality control direct management network actively promotes the reform of the local environmental monitoring system, comprehensively implements the main responsibility of enterprise pollution source monitoring, and vigorously promotes the market-oriented reform of environmental monitoring.

Adequate funding guarantee is also an important basis for the normal and effective implementation of environmental monitoring. The Ecological Environment Monitoring Network Construction Plan proposes to improve the financial security mechanism that is compatible with the development needs of the ecological environment monitoring network. Incorporate key protections at all levels of the budget. The 'Measures for the Treatment of False and False Behaviors of Environmental Monitoring Data' specifies the specific behaviors and corresponding penalties for the falsification of environmental monitoring data in China. In addition, a series of measures such as the 'Environmental Protection Public Participation Measures (Trial)' and 'People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Tax Law' also entered the stage of soliciting opinions. China's environmental monitoring market will gradually bid farewell to the government's 'monopoly' and develop in the direction of 'socialization' and 'marketization.'

At the same time, there are also some social factors that have promoted the development of China's environmental monitoring instrument industry. In recent years, environmental pollution has become more serious, and pollution incidents have been frequently reported. The public opinion supervision of environmental issues has been significantly enhanced, and the monitoring of social environmental forces has developed rapidly. The market for the socialization of environmental monitoring services has taken shape. Some provinces and municipalities have issued guidance or local regulations on government procurement of monitoring services and social testing institutions. Some local social environmental monitoring agencies have been monitoring the status of environmental assessments and monitoring enterprises. In the field of automatic monitoring equipment operation and maintenance, it has undertaken some monitoring tasks, such as the pilot socialization pilot in Dongguan. Each year, through public bidding, a certain number of social testing institutions are entered into the government procurement service database according to the comprehensive rating ranking; Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau The applicants were examined for the capacity of the environmental testing agency, and the first batch of three environmental testing enterprises were identified; Shandong Province explored the implementation of the “transfer-operate” mode operation of the urban environmental air quality automatic monitoring station. This has alleviated the contradiction between current environmental monitoring capabilities and environmental management needs to some extent.

With the country's policy inclination and capital investment in the environmental monitoring industry, news public opinion and people's attention to the environmental monitoring industry continue to increase, China's environmental monitoring technology has been greatly improved: environmental monitoring tools have gradually evolved from the previous single analysis to Physical monitoring, biological monitoring and satellite remote sensing monitoring and other monitoring methods are used together to make up for the limitations of single-monitoring; environmental monitoring has evolved from the original intermittent monitoring to the current automatic monitoring, and the pollution factors that need to be monitored are also There are dozens of dozens of species to the present; monitoring standards are constantly improving, and the advanced nature of domestic monitoring instruments is constantly improving.

Domestic market for environmental monitoring instruments

As a branch of the environmental protection industry, environmental monitoring has a market potential of nearly 100 billion yuan. The environmental monitoring industry chain is mainly divided into upstream hardware, software, and testing reagents; midstream monitoring instruments, monitoring systems, and downstream instrument maintenance and equipment operations. With the introduction of the socialization policy for environmental monitoring services, the environmental monitoring market will gradually open to the society, and the industry companies will be transformed from monitoring equipment sales to providing environmental monitoring services.

In 2012, the Ministry of Environmental Protection promulgated a new version of the “Environmental Air Quality Standards”, which added two monitoring indicators of PM2.5 and ozone. So far, the air monitoring indicators have increased to six. This program proposes that 1,326 monitoring points will be built nationwide by the end of 2015, and these monitoring points are mainly covered in 381 prefecture-level cities. Compared with international targets, the construction goals of environmental monitoring stations in each province are much higher than those planned by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

This year, Beijing proposed to build a “4 1” multi-functional atmospheric environmental quality monitoring network system consisting of four sub-networks and one mobile system based on the existing environmental air monitoring network. It is expected that the Beijing air monitoring station will double by doubling this year. , reaching 60-70.

In addition to Beijing, Guangzhou also added 15 new air quality monitoring sites in January this year. In addition, cities such as Foshan and Shaoxing also proposed to increase the number of air monitoring stations in cities. Therefore, the number of air monitoring sites in the next two years may increase by about 2 times.

The 'Air Pollutant Emission Standards for Thermal Power Plants' issued at the end of 2011 requires existing power plants to implement stricter emission standards from July 1, 2014. The desulfurization reforms started early, and the basic transformations have been completed and equipped with appropriate monitoring equipment. After the power industry, the steel and cement industries have gradually become the key areas of atmospheric control. From 2011 to 2012, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the “Technical Policy for Pollution Prevention and Control in the Iron and Steel Industry”, “Technical Policy for Pollution Prevention and Control in the Cement Industry”, and “Emission Standards for the Cement Industry”. Relevant laws and regulations, proposed that steel companies should install online monitoring devices for major pollutants such as COD, SO2, heavy metals, etc., and significantly reduce SO2 and NOx emission limits in the cement industry.

Water quality monitoring started slightly later than atmospheric monitoring, but it has developed rapidly in recent years, especially the 10 waters issued in April 2015, which has brought a strong development momentum to the water quality monitoring market.

Among the ten waters announced by the provinces and municipalities, Beijing and Jiangsu Province require that the automatic centralized monitoring device be installed in the centralized treatment facilities of industrial parks before the end of 2016, while other provinces and cities require automatic installation of centralized sewage treatment facilities in industrial parks by 2017. The online monitoring device, relatively late in Tianjin, strives to install an online monitoring system for pollution sources by the end of 2020, covering 95% of the total wastewater discharge in the city.

In terms of surface water quality monitoring, there are also clear targets for water in all areas. Most provinces and cities require that the proportion of drinking water sources be 100% in good quality in 2017. Water quality monitoring data will be disclosed to the public every quarter; surface water environment quality is excellent 80%. Above; black odor water body is controlled within 10%, and the surface water quality monitoring market will also be hot.

Future development of environmental monitoring

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the environmental monitoring industry has become the focus of development in the environmental protection industry. The government has established a national environmental monitoring network with air environment monitoring, water quality monitoring and pollution source monitoring as the main body, forming the basic framework for environmental monitoring in China. The “13th Five-Year Plan” clearly states that “improving environmental quality as the core” indicates that the state’s requirements for the environmental monitoring industry have been built from the “Eleventh Five-Year” monitoring network, and the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” is mainly based on pollution source monitoring. The phase shifts to the stage of “mainly monitoring environmental quality”, and China's environmental monitoring industry is welcoming milestone development opportunities based on environmental quality monitoring. It is estimated that during the '13th Five-Year Plan' period, the sales of environmental monitoring equipment will reach more than 76 billion yuan, and the growth rate of the industry will be about 25% compared with the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan'. The market space will exceed 100 billion yuan.

   (Source: Machine Network)


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