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Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
Directional power meters are used to measure power and reflection under operational conditions. They are connected between source and load and measure the power flow in both directions. The power applied to the load and the reflection can thus be measured. Typical applications are in installation, maintenance and monitoring of amplifiers, transmitters, antennas and RF/microwave generators in industrial and medical fields.
Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
To support a wide range of test requirements, the GSS6300 can be remotely controlled via standard interfaces such as IEEE-488, USB or RS-232. In addition, Spirent SimCHAN software can be used to implement real-time user control of the GSS6300, making it an accurate laboratory GPS / SBAS, GLONASS and / or Galileo test equipment.
Published: 2017 - 07 - 15
Customers looking for a general purpose spectrum analyzer will appreciate the flexibility of the ESA spectrum analyzer that can be used for a wide range of applications from aerospace and defense to the manufacturing line. Browse the ESA Brochure.Customers who wish to take advantage of the ESA flexibility but who need a faster analyzer for the manufacturing line, or connectivity to LAN/USB in addition to GPIB, or want to do in depth signal analysis with 89600 VSA software will benefit from the new EXA signal analyzer. The EXA signal analyzer now comes standard with many of the ESAs optional features and yet offers more applications than the ESA. Migrate from ESA to EXA.
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High temperature outdoor selling hot hidden food safety issues Shanghai market supervision departmen

Date: 2017-07-22
Views: 307 reporter Cheng Qi and Wang Weiqiu reported on July 21: With the continuous high temperature, the number of take-out orders in Shanghai surged. From the data of a take-out platform in Shanghai, the number of take-out orders increased from June to July this year. 204%. However, the weather is hot in the sun, the food is prone to corruption, and the risk of bacterial food poisoning increases. Therefore, the health and safety of the take-away food has become the focus of recent market supervision. This morning, the reporter followed the market supervisors of Gonghe Xinlu Street in Jing'an District to conduct food safety inspections at various points in the jurisdiction.

The food service is a new type of old-age care model in recent years. The food service is well developed. A considerable part of the elderly can be better solved. However, due to their age, the gastrointestinal function is relatively weak. Food safety raises higher requirements.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, law enforcement officers came to an old service-supporting meal in Gonghe Xinlu Street, Jing'an District. It is reported that the food-tasting point is responsible for the consumption of some of the elderly in the street and the door-to-door delivery service. The daily consumption is 100, and the meal is about 300.

At the scene, law enforcement officers conducted key inspections on the management of the employees at the cooking point, the environmental sanitation of the processing site, the food processing operation process, the procurement and storage of food materials, the use of food additives, and the cleaning and disinfection.

According to Zhu Guang, the person in charge of the meal, the requirements for food delivery on high temperature days are delivered within two hours. To ensure food safety during meal delivery, each food delivery staff has a special dining car for delivery. However, after investigation, the helper meal has a staff health certificate suspected to be out of date.

Subsequently, law enforcement officers came to Shengyuan Square in Liuying Road. The reporters on the first floor of the square saw that most of the restaurants offered take-out ordering services. In a Hong Kong barbecue shop called “Fu Rongxiang”, there was a constant The takeaway brother came to pick up the meal. It is reported that in order to ensure food safety, the restaurant's barbecued pork, roast goose and other foods are all cold chain distribution, with a uniform delivery standard, while the takeaway brother needs to be delivered within 20 minutes after the consumer orders. After inspection by law enforcement officials, the food hygiene condition of the store was good, the health certificate of the takeaway brother was qualified, and the delivery tools also met the requirements.

However, in a restaurant called 'Huangqi Chicken Rice Ducks', which is a hundred meters away, the situation is not optimistic. Dim lighting, sparse passenger flow, and only a few sporadic employees make the store look bad. After inspection by law enforcement officials, the sanitation and disinfection of the store was really worrying. The last time this year recorded the sanitation and disinfection was still on June 18 of last month, and the sewer cover of the store kitchen was also damaged.

According to the person in charge of food supervision at the New Road Market Supervision Office of the Republic of China, the sewer cover of the store is damaged, which is prone to bacterial growth. At the same time, there is the possibility of rats flowing inside. According to the requirements of Jing’an District, each restaurant needs to be disinfected. Recording, no record for more than a month, certainly does not meet the requirements. The regulator said that he would immediately interview the person in charge of the store and ask the store to make corrections.

The hot summer market supervision department reminded that catering service units should engage in catering services in strict accordance with the business scope approved on the license, and must not operate foods that are corrupted, toxic and harmful, and have exceeded the shelf life and other non-compliance with health standards and hygiene requirements.

Before the consumer calls the take-out through the mobile APP or the website, the consumer should first check whether the order food store has publicized the “Food Business License” or “Food Service License”. At the same time, avoid ordering high-risk foods such as cold dishes, cooked dumplings, salads, sashimi, and cakes. At the same time, group meals should try to avoid online ordering. Collective ordering should choose the catering enterprise with the main business format of “community meal delivery” in the license. After ordering, you should keep the consumption certificate. After eating, you may have stomach upset and you can call the food safety complaint. Report hotline 12331 complaints.

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2017 - 07 - 21
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The 2nd Silk Road Photovoltaic Industry Development Summit and Exhibition will be held on August 18-20 at Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center (exhibition) and Xi'an Qujiang Ramada Plaza Hotel (Conference). Sponsored by Xi'an Municipal People's Government, International Renewable Energy Association, Shaanxi Solar Energy Industry Association, Gansu Solar Ener...
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Recently, Qingdao Sipke finite element Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Russia's largest industrial simulation technology company, Russia PLM Ural Group, signed a cooperation agreement for the establishment of the 'Sino-Russian Joint Industrial Technology Center' in Qingdao. China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry provides world-class CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) ...
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Today, 80 years ago, the gunshots of Lugouqiao broke the tranquility of the world and opened the prelude to the Chinese nation's resistance to foreign enemies, the protection of the clan, and the defense of sovereignty. Nowadays, the smoke is scattered and peaceful, but the sufferings of the past cannot be forgotten. The sacrifices of the past have not been forgotten. The blood of the past has...
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Chinese manufacturing has leaped from the low end to the high end, and it is bound to coexist with fakes. China, which embraces 'Internet +', can explore new ways for counterfeit goods management and brand rights protection for consumers.The standard EMU 'Revival' was put into operation, and it took a key step for China's high-speed rail 'from catching up to leading'; t...
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Today, electricity has become the most important terminal energy source in today's society. The stability and security of the power grid and the quality of power quality are important factors affecting the development of the national economy.With the continuous improvement of China's economic development level and the accelerating process of industrial automation, higher and higher require...
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In the two sessions just ended, instrument sharing has once again become a hot topic. The representatives of the two associations said: 'Open sharing is for the whole society, and it is necessary to increase the opening up to enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.'Scientific instrument resources are a valuable resource for the progress of human society. It is of great ...
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China's femtosecond laser equipment has been localized, but lasers, which account for nearly 70% of their output, are still in the process of localization. At present, the technology has been included in the key technology of the 13th Five-Year Plan.Shengxiong Laser is a leading company in the domestic production of femtosecond laser equipment. The femtosecond laser device is a laser device us...
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